- Rafting
- Trekking
- Rock Climbing
- Rapelling
This is the only resort with camp in this area. It is situated on the banks of Alaknanda offering pleasantly cool and quiet ambience with luxurious deluxe tents accommodation facilities. This is the only resort / rafting camp in this region which has unique features like waterfall, rock-climbing site, cave ,garden, water and electricity, permanent toilets, temple, swimming pool and parking space*.

I myself belong to the area and I am in the process of building my house within the camp. I was never interested in running just another a speck-in-the sky campsite.

This is a true labour of love. Great sensitivity and thought has gone into the construction. Our mantra is 'In Harmony with Nature'. The sun is our principal source of energy, waste recycling has been given priority.

A careful look around also reveals a world waiting to be felt, touched and explored. In fact, if one wants to, a day in Dhaneshwar can turn out to be quite hectic.

This experience with nature does not have to be about hard beds or unhygienic food. Every need and comfort is meticulously planned and taken care of, a perfect balance.So, hope to see you at Dhaneshwar.
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